AGLS COUNCIL 2018 - 2019

council year runs October 1 through September 30

President  (Oct 2018 - Sep 2020)
John Frederick  (Communications)
Director, Faculty Learning and Engagement
Central Piedmont Community College

Past President  (Oct 2018 - Sep 2020)
David DiMattio  (Science)
Vice President of the West Campus
Montgomery County Community College

President Elect  (Oct 2018 - Sep 2020) 
Bruce Umbaugh  (Philosophy)
Chair, Department of Philosophy
Webster University

Secretary  (Oct 2018 - Sep 2021)
Stephen Biscotte  (Education)
Director of General Education
Virginia Tech

Treasurer  (Oct 2016 - Sep 2019) 
Ed Klonoski  (Music)
Acting Associate Vice Provost
Northern Illinois University

Administrative Director
Joyce Lucke

Council Members-at-Large  (term Oct 2016 - Sep 2019)
Jodene DeKorte  (Mathematics & Education)
Dean of the School of General Education and the Open College
Purdue University Global

Rebecca Kohn  (Biology)
Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
Arcadia University

William McKinney  (Philosophy)
Senior Advisor for Regional Campus Affairs
Indiana University

Council Members-at-Large  (term Oct 2017 - Sep 2020)
Michael Kolb  (Anthropology) 
Director of Professional Development
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Alison Moore-Parker  (Chemistry)
Department of Chemistry
Belmont University

Pedro Muino (Chemistry)
Department of Chemistry
University of Saint Francis

John Regan (American Literature)
Coordinator of ePortfolios and Assessment
Boston University

Council Members-at-Large  (term Oct 2018 - Sep 2021)
Barika Barboza  (Psychology)
Director of Learning and Program Evaluation
Miami Dade College

Michele Cuomo (Theater & Education)
Dean of Arts and Communications
Seminole State College of Florida

Mary Frances Pipino (English)
Ursuline Studies Program/Core Curriculum
Ursuline College

Editor of the AGLS Guide to Assessment and Program Review
Michael Gress  (English & Philosophy)
Assistant Provost of Curriculum and Instruction
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Vincennes University

Non-Profit Agent to State of Illinois (Ad Hoc Member)
Ed Klonoski  (Music)
Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Curriculum
Northern Illinois University

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