AGLS Papers and Project Reports

What is General Education: AGLS Proposes a Definition

The Six Regional Accrediting Bodies:  An AGLS Study of Best Practices in General Education (2010)

Robert F. Mauldin, University of Central Arkansas and Michael Gress, Vincennes University

Administration of General Education: The Tragedy of the Commons (2010)

Robert F. Mauldin, Shawnee State University and John Hinni, Southeast Missouri State University

Liberal Education is General AND Special!: An AGLS Statement (2008 )

John Nichols, St. Joseph's College

A Check on Expansion of the Major: Potential Positive Impact of a Limit on Total Hours for New Degree Programs (2010)
Robert Mauldin, University of Central Arkansas

Strategic Directions 2016: A Summary of Ideas Generating During Salt Lake City Conference

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