AGLS Council as of July 1, 2017

AGLS Bylaws, revised February 2014

Strategic Plan, 2010-2015

AGLS MISSION:  AGLS serves colleges and universities by fostering strong General Education programs. General Education is that part of the curriculum required of all students and dedicated specifically to liberal learning - the development of knowledge, skills, values, and habits of mind characteristic of an educated person. The members of AGLS comprise a community intent upon improving liberal learning by advocating the centrality of general education and supporting its continuous improvement.

AGLS GOALS:  Through the AGLS annual conference, AGLS awards programs, and occasional publications and projects in collaboration with other associations, we aim to:

  • support innovation in liberal learning pedagogy and curriculum development at each annual Conference by
    • featuring a specific innovative pedagogy in a plenary session that introduces the pedagogy and provides an update on its development, and in one or more contributed paper sessions in which teachers and researchers share their experiences with these teaching methods, and

    • featuring one new innovative general education curriculum in a plenary session with emphasis on the goals of the curriculum, the relationship of curricular elements to the goals, and plans for determining the curriculum’s success in achieving those goals;

  • support the continuous improvement of teaching and learning in general and liberal education by

    • continuing to offer the AGLS Exemplary Program Award for the recognition of effective assessment programs and to provide useful examples to others, and

    • periodically update the AGLS Guide to Assessment and Program Review so that it is a current and increasingly valuable resource;

  • promote and advocate for effective, efficient administrative structures and policies that recognize and secure the centrality of general and liberal learning in post-secondary education by

    • building connections to and collaborations with those responsible for that part of post secondary education committed to major areas of concentration so that those educational programs both build on and extend students’ liberal learning,

    • cultivating collaborative relationships with regional and professional accrediting agencies to increase the extent to which educational programs take advantage of and build on students’ liberal learning,

    • helping faculty involved in these programs recognize the importance and value of liberal learning for their students and their educational goals, and

    • providing conference sessions and workshops that will enhance the professional development of general education administrators.

 Approved by AGLS Membership on October 9, 2010

Approved by AGLs Council on February 26, 2011

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