Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award

for Faculty Excellence in General and Liberal Education

NOTE:  The AGLS Awards program is temporarily suspended. No nominations will be sought in 2018. Watch for an exciting announcement at Constitute 2018 in Pittsburgh regarding this and our other awards.

The Jerry G. Gaff Award has been given annually to those who have demonstrated leadership on their campuses in the area of general and liberal education, to those who have shown evidence of outstanding teaching in general and liberal education courses, and to those who have a record of achievement in curriculum development, innovation or implementation in general and liberal education. The deadline for nominations is usually late April. The award typically is presented at the fall annual meeting.

The award is named for Jerry Gaff, retired Senior Scholar of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, is a respected advocate for general and liberal education for over thirty years. Gaff, who received a Ph.D. in psychology from Syracuse University, previously served on the faculties of five institutions and was dean of the College of Liberal Arts and acting president of Hamline University. He also served as Vice President of AAC&U and directed their Preparing Future Faculty Program. He has authored numerous books including Toward Faculty Renewal, General Education Today, and New Life for the College Curriculum and co-edited the Handbook of the Undergraduate Curriculum.


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Previous Recipients

2017 Julia 'Cory' Lock St. Edward's University
2016 Larry R. Peterson North Dakota State University 
2015 Margaret Oakes  Furman University
2014  no award given  
2013    Amy Stackhouse  Iona College 
2012    Norm Jones  Utah State University
2011    Joan Hawthorne University of North Dakota
2010   David Gowler Oxford College of Emory University
2009    Margaret Martin  Eastern Connecticut State University
2009    Daniel Silvermintz University of Houston, Clear Lake
2008  no award given   
2007  no award given   
2006  no award given   
2005    Edward Katz  University of North Carolina at Asheville 
2004  no award given   
2003   Tony Edmonds  Ball State University 
2003   John Habel  Western Carolina University 
2002  Mary Dickerson  Broome Community College 
2002  Fred Albertson  University of Memphis 
2002  Gail Schiffer  Kennesaw State University 

  2016 Gaff Award recipient: Larry Peterson
2015 Gaff Award Recipient: Margaret Oakes
 Julia Lock
Larry Peterson
Margaret Oakes
2013 Gaff Award Recipient: Amy Stackhouse  2012 Gaff Award recipient: Norm Jones   
Amy Stackhouse
Norm Jones

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