Joseph Katz Award

for Distinguished Contributions to the Practice and Discourse of General and Liberal Education

NOTE:  The AGLS Awards program is temporarily suspended. No nominations will be sought in 2018. Watch for an exciting announcement at Constitute 2018 in Pittsburgh regarding this and our other awards.

Since 1992, every other year, the AGLS Council selects a person in the United States to receive the Katz Award. This is a person whose commitment and activity has contributed greatly to the improvement of the educational experience of students and to the understanding of the theory and practice of general and liberal education at the national level.

Nominations are to be made to the Council via the association administrative director. The initial nomination requires the name, institution and a brief description for the nomination. Nominations can be submitted at any time. The Council will gather information and notify the nominator if the suggested person will be put forward for the final selection process.

The next Katz Award typically is given at the annual meeting.


Submit nominations for the Katz Award HERE

Deadline to nominate is April 20, 2017

Previous Recipients

2017 no award given  
2015  Susan Albertine Association of American Colleges & Universities
2013  Linda Cabe Halpern  James Madison University 
2010 Julie Thompson-Klein  Wayne State University 
2007  J. Scott Lee  Association for Core Texts and Courses 
2005  Carol Geary Schneider  Association of American Colleges & Universities 
2003  Karen Schilling    
2001  John Hinni  Southeast Missouri University 
1999  John Nichols Saint Joseph's College
1996  Richard Weeks  
1994  Jackson Newell   
1993  Kathryn Mohman   
1992  Jerry Gaff  Association of American Colleges & Universities 


Susan Albertine
2015 recipient
Linda Cabe Halpern
2013 recipient
Julie Thompson-Klein
2010 recipient

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