The AGLS Award for National Leadership
in General and Liberal Education

This award recognizes exemplary individuals who have made significant contributions to the practice or theory of general education and liberal studies as a national leader. From 1992 until 2016, the AGLS offered a biennial award that honored the memory of Dr. Joseph (Joe) Katz, a philosophy professor who became a nationally recognized expert on student development and advocated for undergraduate education as a whole. Inspired by Katz’s legacy, the AGLS Council voted in 2017 to re-frame the award and its criteria to include a greater range of leadership categories that characterize higher education in the 21st century. 

Nominees may be: senior administrators on a college campus (two- or four-year) who are recognized as advocates for general and liberal studies; well-known figures associated with assessment or accreditation or higher education organizations; or scholars who have made influential contributions to the national conversation around general and liberal education. (This brief list is merely illustrative. Other kinds of contributions are also possible.)

The initial nomination is a letter (2-3 pages) containing the name of the individual, the home institution or organization, and a statement that summarizes the candidate’s most significant contributions and makes the case for his or her stature as a national leader supporting general and liberal studies. Nominations can be submitted at any time. Nominations are received by the Past President and the nominating committee, who will contact the candidates to confirm their participation in the final process and gather any additional information needed (such as a c.v.). The recipient receives a plaque, complimentary registration and is typically invited to offer formal remarks when the award is presented at the next annual meeting.

Nominations to be considered for the 2019 award should be received no later than Tuesday, April 30.

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Recipients of the Joseph Katz Award for Distinguished Contributions
to the Practice and Discourse of General and Liberal Education
2017 no award given
2015  Susan Albertine
   Association of American Colleges & Universities
2013 Linda Cabe Halpern
   James Madison University
2010 Julie Thompson-Klein
   Wayne State University
2007 J. Scott Lee
   Association for Core Texts and Courses
2005 Carol Geary Schneider
   Association of American Colleges & Universities
2003  Karen Schilling
   Miami University of Ohio
2001 John Hinni
   Southeast Missouri State University
1999 John Nichols
   Saint Joseph's College
1996 Richard Weeks
   West Virginia Wesleyan College
1994 Jackson Newell
   University of Utah
1993  Kathryn Mohrman
   Colorado College
1992  Jerry Gaff
   Association of American Colleges & Universities

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