54th Annual Meeting of the
Association for General & Liberal Studies


Atlanta Georgia



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Do you care about (or are you responsible for) a high-quality liberal education at your institution? Do you feel pummeled by opposing forces?

Consider some examples of current tensions:
•external pressures to homogenize or standardize versus internal efforts to preserve institutional identity and heritage
•a vocational view of college that competes with a belief in “education for its own sake”
•demands for “hard” skills like accounting procedures or computer proficiencies that vie with the need for “soft” ones like critical thinking or communication
•the dialectics that exist between traditional, face-to-face modes of instruction and online or hybrid versions
•institutional practices regarding hiring full-time, tenured faculty versus increasing reliance on NTTFS
•STEM versus the Humanities.

What if we stopped viewing these tensions as oppositional?  What if, inspired by the Chinese concept of yin-yang, we saw them as complementary, interconnected, interdependent forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the parts? Is that even possible or desirable? This yin-yang duality is the theme of the 2014 AGLS annual conference. Along with the AGLS’s usual assortment of practical, down-and-dirty, in-the-trenches  discussions about gen ed program development, revision, assessment, and administration (for which we are well-known!), sessions and plenaries will address dualities or tensions affecting general and liberal education programs today.

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